If I Could Talk To You About Human Trafficking This Is What I Would Say

" In his book, Skip offers a vivid, accurate picture of what human trafficking looks like. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to educate themselves on the subject of human trafficking."

Melissa Woodward

Human Trafficking Survivor

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Hi, I’m Skip Orth founder of Set Free Refuge and author of the book “If I Could Talk To You About Human Trafficking This Is What I Would Say.” I wrote this book for two reasons. First, I’m convinced that educating the public about human trafficking is vital to reducing and ending this tragedy. Second, I wanted to create a tool to communicate to people about human trafficking. You see, it’s rather awkward to start a conversation with someone about prostitution. It’s much easier to hand them a book and tell them this is a cause I am passionate about.
Human trafficking is a complicated issue with many misconceptions held by the average person. This book deals with many of those misconceptions and offers a true picture of what human trafficking truly looks like.

I wrote this book after several years of research and study on the subject of human trafficking. I’ve read and listened to stories of dozens of sex industry survivors so I’ve tried to paint the most realistic picture possible of what working in the sex industry actually looks like.

What survivors have to say about the book.


" Skip’s book encompasses real-life scenarios that I see in my office everyday. The book dives into what often drives women into the commercial sex industry and what sometimes keeps them there. The sex industry is the exploitation of vulnerability and this book highlights how women are exploited by traffickers, but also by the industry as a whole. This book serves as a wake-up call to people who believe that all women who enter the sex industry enter by choice."

Nicole Phillips

(Founder and executive director of Lavished Ministries)



" ‘If I Could Talk To You About Human Trafficking, This Is What I Would Say’ is raw and real! The stories used in this book to demonstrate how women get caught up in the lifestyle or pushed into prostitution, are such an accurate description. It demonstrates how even though women may enter the sex industry in very different circumstances, they still experience the same pain and real heartache that comes along with the ‘work’"

Kendra Garcia

(Sex industry survivor and survivor advocate)


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