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Skip is an entrepreneur who has started several businesses and is currently the owner and CEO of Father and Son Pest and Lawn Solutions, a multi-million-dollar lawn and pest business in Northwest Florida.

One night, in 2012, Skip had a dream. In the dream, he was standing in front of a prostituted woman. Looking at her, he intuitively knew she was not selling herself willingly, but only because she had no other choice.Not understanding the meaning of the dream, it wasn’t until months later, when Skip saw a documentary on human trafficking that he understood what human trafficking was and the implications of his dream months earlier!

From that point, Skip’s passion to help survivors of human trafficking grew as he became more educated about human trafficking and involved with various human trafficking organizations. Out of his passion, came the deep desire to one day open a safe house for human trafficking survivors.

The vision that started as a dream in 2012 became reality in August 2020 when Set Free Refuge was launched.


Check below to see the current positions open at Set Free Refuge. Please send a resume and cover letter to info@setfreerefuge.org to be considered. 

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